Chapters 1 - 5

Elk County Detective Leo Werner who investigated many of the murders and mysterious deaths

1. Powerful and Precious Booze

1914 -A fight over a spilled bottle of whiskey ends in a tragedy in Dagusgahonda.

2. Thirty Cents

1905- A disagreement over thirty cents ends in murder in Cartwright

3. Shoot First ask Questions Later.

1913- A trigger happy Railroad detective ends an innocent man's life in Ridgway.

4. The Wild West Comes Alive

1930 - The double shooting of John Nearing and Arthur Dill in Johnsonburg

5. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors property

1921- The shooting of William Harris in James City

Chapters 6 - 10


6. My Sweet May

1911 -  When you move another's wife into your house, you are asking for trouble. The painful death of Silas Wright in Tyler

7. A Bootlegger's Demise

1923 - The shooting of Serafine Fuente by a State Trooper in Kersey

8. Madness

1936 - The Murder and Suicide of a father and son in Weedville

9. Trespass and You will be Shot on Site!

1907 - The murder of Benjamin Robinson in Russell City

10. Honor thy Father...Sometimes

1916 - The shooting of Christ McAlee in Johnsonburg.

Chapters 11 - 15


11. Lust

1923 - A sex crazed maniac is stopped in his tracks by a young pregnant woman in Johnsonburg.

12. A Lonely Death

1908 - The murder of John Freeburg in Wilcox

13. Too Much Celebration

1905 - A Polish wedding turns deadly for one guest in Byrndale.

14. Revenge

1907 - A ghastly attack at Croyland  leads to an untimely death.

15. Fires of Hell

1899 - The mysterious deaths of John Clune and Jennie Long in Glen Hazel

Chapters 16 - 20


16. The Black Hand

1923 - The slaying of Luigi Calarco in Ridgway

17. The Pickle Barrel Murder

1926 - The gruesome murder and decapitation of Dominic Scopiletti in Johnsonburg. 

18. Stop Nagging

1932 - The Matricide of Mrs. Minnie McConahy in St. Marys

19. Happy New Year

1926 - The New Year's Eve murder of Vito Malfara in Johnsonburg

20. The Pigpen Murderer

1928 - The slaying of Vincent Nachtway  Jr. in Rathbun

Chapters 21-25


21. The Homicide of James Heekin

1902-  The murder of James Heekin by Domiana Maddalena in Shawmut

22. Riddled with bullets or?

1909 -The mysterious death of Former St. Marys Police Chief Arthur F. Cooper

23. Dents Run Gold

1873 -  The death of Dennis Connor in Benezette.  Was this Dennis Connor the key to the"Lost Civil War Gold of Dents Run"?

24. The Insurance Swindle

 1905 - The "suicide" of Orvis Farley in Ridgway.  Something is not as it seems.

25. I'm the Boss!

1927 -The shooting of Bruno Vavala in Johnsonburg in which the accused hires Charles Margiotti' of the Tiger at the bar fame, to escape justice.