Chapters 1-5


1. An Eye for an Eye

A double homicide in the tiny village of Cardiff in 1905.

2. The Demi-Mondes

Wild times in Glen Hazel which ended in tragedy in 1899.

3. Keg Killer

Beer is not cheap in 1884 Centreville.

4. Politics

Back in 1873 rivalry between delegates turns deadly in Horton Township.

5. A Father's Revenge

Never mess with a man's daughter.  Ridgway in 1927.

Chapters 6-10


6. Wassa Matt?

The Black Hand almost gets caught when a Buffalo, New York detective travels to Johnsonburg in 1923 to investigate a cold blooded killing.

7. The Sage of Frederick Kress Rockwell

Love can make you do strange things...even murder. The last man hanged in Elk County found this out too late in 1896.

8. The Old Eagle Eye from Wilcox

There is gold and silver buried somewhere in the vicinity of Wilcox back in 1899.  Will it ever be found?

9. Go-Devil

An unlucky bystander gets the raw end of a fight in Rathbun in 1921.

10. The Same Old Story

Alcohol is a demon that has claimed many victims.  Oldest murder to date in the Saint Marys of 1865.

Chapters 11-15


11. Karma

Do you believe in Karma?  Many called this murder justice served. Saint Marys in 1873.

12. James Lowers

A classical whodunit in Ridgway back in 1931.

13. Rough on Rats

Back in 1905 arsenic was the product to rid your dwelling of the vermin...but would it get rid of the husband also? Byrnedale.

14. A Little Pepper for your Booze

Was it really pepper in the package?  A drinking session abruptly ends on Bendigo Road back in 1907.

15. Debauchery

Mrs. Dudack was quite a character back in the early 1900's, but did she commit murder in 1908 on the head end of Indian Run?

Chapters 16-20


16. Joseph Zampogna

A most brutal assassination in Johnsonburg in 1933.  

17. Josephine Colle

This is just a sad story no-matter what the cause was.  Caledonia 1927.

18. Obsession

Obsession turns to murder in James city back in  1920 on Friday the 13th.

19. Hallton Hell

A young immigrant from Austria never finds his American Dream and instead is murdered back in 1911 Hallton.

20. Chicken Feed

What would cause a man to snap and destroy so many lives?  Brockport in 1926.

Chapters 21-25


21. Missing in Highland

Nine-year old Edwin Adams goes missing near Lamont.  A real life boogeyman was hiding in the woods back in 1910.

22. Indian Giver

Never borrow something unless you are sure it will be returned in one piece.  Dahoga back in 1909.

23. The Italian Princess

So beautiful, so young, so dead...Johnsonburg back in 1919.

24. The Infamous Skeleton

Finding an unknown skeleton was once a common event in the old Elk County.  But this skeleton has quite a story...or was it just a story?

25. Clark's Mills

You never know who is on the other side of the door when you hear a knock late at night.  Straight 1910.